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Pumpkin Carving Templates

Here’s some templates I did up for

The first one is Doc and Marty from Back to the Future.  This is the year that Doc and Marty go into the future on Wednesday October 21, 2015.



The second template is Rick and Morty which is obvious spoof of Back to the Future.  This is my current favourite cartoon out.  It’s got a lot of adult humour but is funny and intelligent at the same time.



On the Road Home

Day 7 – July 4, 2014 –  An evening with Willie

The day was hot but the evening was cool hanging out with Willie and his friends.


Our friend Willie

and Friends



Enjoying the show from our lawn chairs

Selfie with Keenan and Me.

Keenan enjoyed it except for the smell of smoke there.  It wasn’t till we got home that I explained what kind of smoke he was smelling during the music show.  He was like “WHHAAAAT!”  lol

Day 8 – July 5, 2014 On the Road Again

“On the road again -
Just can’t wait to get on the road again.
The life I love is making music with my friends

And I can’t wait to get on the road again.
On the road again

Goin’ places that I’ve never been.
Seein’ things that I may never see again”

Only a couple of times.

We saw a lot of highway this day. 6 States including:

Fort Worth – Texas
Oklahoma City – Oklahoma
Wichita – Kansas
Kansas City – Missouri
Des Moines – Iowa
Minneapolis – Minnesota

Not bad for 15 hours of driving.

Here’s some sights along the way.

I thought of Shawna when I seen this.

I didn’t see any gold though.


Our A/C crapped out for good this time. The slow leak turned into a bad leak. The last refill I did on it only lasted 3 hours so we drove with the windows open the rest of the way. We managed to make it out of the Texas heat though.

IMG_0734 IMG_0735 IMG_0736
The last A/C Freon refill only lasted 3 hours but got us out of the worst of the heat.  Thanks to the Autozone Joe Dirt guy who showed me how to refill the freon.

Day 9 – July 6, 2014 – Home Sweet Home


We made it back across the border without any problems and we were relieved to back in Canada.

Keenan was really excited to be so close to home and back in Canada. The first thing he really missed was Canadian Iced Tea.
He was so disappointed with the American Iced Tea even with their version of Sweet Tea, it wasn’t the same.  Here he is enjoying his first glass after a whole week.



5500 kilometers later, we are home.

And thats all folks.

Willies Fourth of July Picnic

July 4, 2014 – Day 7

“It’s been rough and rocky travelin’
But I’m finally standin’ upright on the ground
After takin’ several readings
I’m surprised to find my mind’s still fairly sound
I guess Nashville was the roughest
But I know I’ve said the same about them all
We received our education
In the cities of the nation, me and Paul……”

Yes it was fancy meeting him here
then I went and bought him a beer.
–Ennis Fiddler

20140704_141008 20140704_141012

Yup, I guess Willie’s Fourth of July Picnic wouldn’t be complete without Willie.

We’ve been hanging out in the Fort Worth Stockyards taking in the sun and the sights.

Lots of Cowboys around here.









Lots of cattle around here.

20140704_113021 20140704_113048

This is how cowboys cool off.

20140704_114805 20140704_114928


Ennis Jammin with Charlie Pride.



Hey my Crowe cousins, here is something you would like.


Taking a break from the sun.

The cowboy in the saloon.

Dinner Texas style.

20140704_184302 20140704_184314 20140704_184320 20140704_190005

Fort Worth was Awesome!

20140704_191000 20140704_191004 20140704_191009 20140704_191013 20140704_191016
The nights not over yet, we’re going back to listen to Willie play his tunes.



Downtime it in Dallas

Little Rock




now in Arlington

Today was a half travel day and a relax/fun day for Keenan.

Me and him went to the Six Flags Hurricane Harbour Water Park.  That was the biggest highlight of the trip so far for him.  I guess when your 12, wave pools and waterslides make a bigger impression than the country hall of fame and Elvis’s house eh?

So tomorrow is the 4th of July, and it’s a long weekend to boot, at least here in the good ol USA.  We’re gonna do an ol time American thing and spend it with Willie Nelson at his Picnic in Fort Worth.

My camera was on strike today with no batteries, so there’s not much to show.  It should be ready for tomorrow for another musical extravaganza.

Safe travels for everyone and sweet dreams.

What the Fock I’m in Little Rock

Day 5 – July 2, 2014

Waking up in Nashville
I got to see the sights
I learned how to rhyme
and I learned how to fight

I looked over my shoulder
There was my Pa and Son
Smiles on their faces
having lots of fun

We went looking for a woman
by the name of Emmylou
We found her at her house
and us peeking through

My father was speechless
didn’t know what to say
she didn’t even see us
didn’t even look our way

We drove on out of there
grinning ear to ear
thinking what would have happened
if we said something for her to hear

We coulda been sitting in jail
or we could be drinking tea
sitting in that mansion
with that pretty lady

Ohhh We coulda been having tea, with that pretty ladyyy
Ohhh We coulda been having tea, with that pretty ladyyy

And thats the ballad of Ennis and Emmylou. Yes… its true, we went to Emmylou Harris’s house and got a glimpse of her. Here’s Ennis at her house.


ahhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhh

After we left we had to pull over on the highway so he could regain himself. lol that was biggest highlight of the trip.


So we left Nashville, and headed West.


We’re going to Jackson, we’re gonna mess around.


Jackson was too messy so we left.

In the words of Paul Simon, “I’m going to Graceland, Graceland, Memphis Tennessee. I’m going to Graceland.”





And so we’re here at Graceland.


We toured the mansion and grounds. Got to see the final resting place of the King. I liked his style. I think I want to put some shag carpeting in my house now with that kind of furniture.

IMG_0655 IMG_0664 IMG_0671 IMG_0674

Here’s Keenan doing the final act of today’s story with his cool Elvis moves.










Shure is a real Nash Playsh here

Day 4 – July 1, 2014

My mind is kinda blown right now trying to remember what happened today. I got some pics to remind me but I forgot what happened in between. I’m kinda on EAT, SLEEP, COUNTRY BEAT, REPEAT mode right now.

It was a slow start and sleep in day for Ennis and Keenan. I guess so after all that action last night.

We ventured out and found a wheelchair that my Dad could use throughout the day. Down the street was the Parthenon full size replica. What’s the deal with the South and the connection to Greece? We took in the sight on a quick tour.



Then it was on to the Country Music Hall of Fame.


Lots of cool stuffs in there, especially all of Elvis’s gold this and gold that. You name it, if he owned it, it would be covered in gold, just like Goldmember. Goooooooolllld.


Dad got to check out his sweethearts Hall of Fame bust. Not her real bust, but a bronze thingy.



Then I saw mine in there too and they included her bust too.


And here’s Waylon for Waylon.


And some more Waylon. He’s gotta be one of the coolest country music guys.



Except for Johnny Cash of course. We checked out his museum and cool gear too. Here’s his awesome boots.


After a rest break we went searching for dinner.  It took us off the beaten path and we ended up away from the touristy trendy areas.  It was the kind of neighborhood where you see guys walking around with their malt liquor in a paper bag.  We found  a nice cafe/restaurant called The Cookery.  It had some of the best burgers so far.   The cool thing about it, was that the owners  train former homeless people as cooks in the kitchen there.  Then they are ready to work in the food industry in the city.  It seems to work cause they had some awesome food.

Now with our bellies full it was on to….









The fiddlers impressed the Fiddlers.


Goodnight from this cowboy.


Where am I? Nashville or Stacheville?

Where am I? Nashville or Stacheville?

Day 3 – June 30, 2014

Nininashkamow. It’s a quick prayer that my Uncle Morley used to say before eating if he was travelling. Somebody can correct me if I spelled it wrong, eh cousins.

We started off the day with the Continental Breakfast. It’s a nice light way to start the day.

We said goodbye to the Windy City after taking only one wrong turn before making it out. My mad city driving skills can get pretty mad sometimes. Just ask Cal, Angie, Jeannie, Junior, Seegwun or anyone. It’s been good so far on this trip though.

We breezed through Indiana and Indiapolis. I was hoping to see a Nascar but only seen some nice cars. Indiana does have a lot of Wind Power though.


Here’s Ennis and Keenan enjoying the ride. Don’t ask how I took that picture, it might be illegal in some states.


On our way through Louisville, it was getting hot in the car with no A/C. The southern heat was starting to hit us there, so we pulled into an Autozone store. Joe Dirt’s cousin helped us out with a “y’all know wha’ am saying?” and hair almost as awesome as mine. Yeah, he was good that guy and got the A/C going after saying goodbye with a southern fistbump. Friendly all the southern people we met. They remind me of the Newfies back home and they almost sound the same.

Random Funny Thing

We were in the neighbourhood so we took a detour for Keenan to stop by a place he told us about.

Duh Duh Duuuuuuh

The Waverly Hills Sanitorium

Here’s the Wikipedia Entry or just ask Keenan about it and he will tell you everything about it. He’s into paranormal investigations.  It was closed but we took some pics as close as we could get.




Next fast forward a couple of hours of driving and eating left over pizza. Oh yeah, leftover Chicago Deep Dish pizza was just like Sandy Lake Thick Crust Bannock Pizza. It was just as good and thick and heavy on the toppings.



After over 50 years, the Man is here. The pictures say it all.











And finally.  Ennis was last seen with this guy.  He makes friends where ever he goes that guy.



Thunda Beh to Chicaaaago!

Day 1 – Saturday June 28

12 Hours From Thunder Bay to Chicago including stops for foodstuff and gas. I didn’t get any pictures, but the scenery was good. Keenan slept most of the way and we had the windows down since the A/C konked out. Note to self, on the way back, we need to stop by Lodi, cause my Dad wants to be stuck in Lodi again. Thumbs up if you can get the reference.

In Chicago we almost didn’t a room at the hotel since we were a day earlier than I expected, and there is a gay pride festival happening on the next day. I guess it’s a big thing, we’ll find out tomorrow.

Keenan was up late since he slept most of the day.

Day 2 – Sunday June 29

Chicaaaaago. You gotta say it by squeezing your nose. Try it.

All us Fiddler men were up early. We took in the continental breakfast and then waited for things to open on a Sunday. Most places don’t open until 10 or so on a Sunday.

First stop on the Agenda – Lincoln Park Zoo


We happened to be close to it, but took a taxi anyway. I usually walk everywhere when I visit cities, but I think it would kill my dad and son.

Keenan was more interested in pretending the telescopes were grenade launchers and pretending to shoot the ducks we saw throughout the zoo. Lots of cool animals though. I saw Leo there Angie.  Ennis liked the flamingos cause he’s a flashy kind of guy himself.

IMG_0206 IMG_0202 IMG_0217 IMG_0191

M R Ducks

I have fallen and cannot get up.

Mr. Brown

IMG_0165 IMG_0159
Leo the Lion



After a lunch break, we ventured out for the gay pride parade. It was going down the street next to our hotel so we didn’t have far to go to check out the action.

eenan score lots of swag while hooting away.

Dykes on Bikes

I was trying to get a picture of the Governor but I got  a crotch shot of him instead.  Is that gay?



All us Mr. Fidds had a good time there. I guess we’re all a little gay. It was quite a display but also surprising how many people, businesses and groups participated. There was the Governor of Illinois, Congressmen, Lawyers, Police, Teachers, Churches, Schools, Sheriffs, Car Dealers, Bankers, and more and more. Lots of regular people, but also there was a lot of costumes, dances, and music going on. It was an awesome show of solidarity. We couldn’t stay for the entire thing since the heat was starting to get to us.

After that, we needed a break so we chillaxed for a while.   Keenan couldn’t relax though, cause he managed to lock his Ipad in the room safe and forgot the pin code he used to lock it.   I let him try out his safe picking skills for a while before calling the hotel staff to unlock it.   He was kinda stressed out about it, but we’re laughing about it now.

Next outing was Chicago Deep Dish Pizza. I was told that I had to have some. I managed to find one of the best pizza places in town called Pequod’s Pizza.  Yup, it was awesome.




This one is for Wash and the Prince Street Posse.



After being stuffed, we made it over to Kingston Mines for some blues. It was open mike night, so there was a lot of variety at the beginning of the evening. Then the main band came on which was the Lionel Alexander Band. Pretty smooth old guy. He was hitting on all the ladies in the club. Me and Keenan retired early and Ennis is still out on the town.

ld men still got good moves.

ey Angie, I though you would like the guitarist in the background.