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I’ve been working for K-Net on and off for many years and have played different roles here.   There is always lots to work on and learn in this job.  My current job title is “Data Services Architect” where I provide Server and Database Management, Training, and Support for our staff and the schools in the NAN FNSSP project.

The myknet.org site and server was always a side project that Knet provides for free.  We don’t make any money on it, we don’t advertise.

As part of the work that we have done over the years, which included establishing Internet, network and broadband connections in the communities, we have thought that Nishnawbe people need their own place on the Internet where we could be publishers and create our own content.  K-Net and MyKnet.org were introduced as the first destinations on the Internet for many people in our communities.  That was and continues to be the main idea behind myknet.org.

Also if you didn’t know, K-Net stands for Kuh-Ke-Nah Network.  Which means Everyone’s Network.  It was built for everyone to use as a communication tool especially in our schools and for our youth.

There are lots of other destinations that people go to now like facebook, twitter, tumblr, etc.   The latest incarnation of myknet.org uses the WordPress software and is more in trend with these other sites.  Check out my other post for the history of myknet.org.


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