Willies Fourth of July Picnic

July 4, 2014 – Day 7

“It’s been rough and rocky travelin’
But I’m finally standin’ upright on the ground
After takin’ several readings
I’m surprised to find my mind’s still fairly sound
I guess Nashville was the roughest
But I know I’ve said the same about them all
We received our education
In the cities of the nation, me and Paul……”

Yes it was fancy meeting him here
then I went and bought him a beer.
–Ennis Fiddler

20140704_141008 20140704_141012

Yup, I guess Willie’s Fourth of July Picnic wouldn’t be complete without Willie.

We’ve been hanging out in the Fort Worth Stockyards taking in the sun and the sights.

Lots of Cowboys around here.









Lots of cattle around here.

20140704_113021 20140704_113048

This is how cowboys cool off.

20140704_114805 20140704_114928


Ennis Jammin with Charlie Pride.



Hey my Crowe cousins, here is something you would like.


Taking a break from the sun.

The cowboy in the saloon.

Dinner Texas style.

20140704_184302 20140704_184314 20140704_184320 20140704_190005

Fort Worth was Awesome!

20140704_191000 20140704_191004 20140704_191009 20140704_191013 20140704_191016
The nights not over yet, we’re going back to listen to Willie play his tunes.



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