Where am I? Nashville or Stacheville?

Where am I? Nashville or Stacheville?

Day 3 – June 30, 2014

Nininashkamow. It’s a quick prayer that my Uncle Morley used to say before eating if he was travelling. Somebody can correct me if I spelled it wrong, eh cousins.

We started off the day with the Continental Breakfast. It’s a nice light way to start the day.

We said goodbye to the Windy City after taking only one wrong turn before making it out. My mad city driving skills can get pretty mad sometimes. Just ask Cal, Angie, Jeannie, Junior, Seegwun or anyone. It’s been good so far on this trip though.

We breezed through Indiana and Indiapolis. I was hoping to see a Nascar but only seen some nice cars. Indiana does have a lot of Wind Power though.


Here’s Ennis and Keenan enjoying the ride. Don’t ask how I took that picture, it might be illegal in some states.


On our way through Louisville, it was getting hot in the car with no A/C. The southern heat was starting to hit us there, so we pulled into an Autozone store. Joe Dirt’s cousin helped us out with a “y’all know wha’ am saying?” and hair almost as awesome as mine. Yeah, he was good that guy and got the A/C going after saying goodbye with a southern fistbump. Friendly all the southern people we met. They remind me of the Newfies back home and they almost sound the same.

Random Funny Thing

We were in the neighbourhood so we took a detour for Keenan to stop by a place he told us about.

Duh Duh Duuuuuuh

The Waverly Hills Sanitorium

Here’s the Wikipedia Entry http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Waverly_Hills_Sanatorium or just ask Keenan about it and he will tell you everything about it. He’s into paranormal investigations.  It was closed but we took some pics as close as we could get.




Next fast forward a couple of hours of driving and eating left over pizza. Oh yeah, leftover Chicago Deep Dish pizza was just like Sandy Lake Thick Crust Bannock Pizza. It was just as good and thick and heavy on the toppings.



After over 50 years, the Man is here. The pictures say it all.











And finally.  Ennis was last seen with this guy.  He makes friends where ever he goes that guy.



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