Thunda Beh to Chicaaaago!

Day 1 – Saturday June 28

12 Hours From Thunder Bay to Chicago including stops for foodstuff and gas. I didn’t get any pictures, but the scenery was good. Keenan slept most of the way and we had the windows down since the A/C konked out. Note to self, on the way back, we need to stop by Lodi, cause my Dad wants to be stuck in Lodi again. Thumbs up if you can get the reference.

In Chicago we almost didn’t a room at the hotel since we were a day earlier than I expected, and there is a gay pride festival happening on the next day. I guess it’s a big thing, we’ll find out tomorrow.

Keenan was up late since he slept most of the day.

Day 2 – Sunday June 29

Chicaaaaago. You gotta say it by squeezing your nose. Try it.

All us Fiddler men were up early. We took in the continental breakfast and then waited for things to open on a Sunday. Most places don’t open until 10 or so on a Sunday.

First stop on the Agenda – Lincoln Park Zoo


We happened to be close to it, but took a taxi anyway. I usually walk everywhere when I visit cities, but I think it would kill my dad and son.

Keenan was more interested in pretending the telescopes were grenade launchers and pretending to shoot the ducks we saw throughout the zoo. Lots of cool animals though. I saw Leo there Angie.  Ennis liked the flamingos cause he’s a flashy kind of guy himself.

IMG_0206 IMG_0202 IMG_0217 IMG_0191

M R Ducks

I have fallen and cannot get up.

Mr. Brown

IMG_0165 IMG_0159
Leo the Lion



After a lunch break, we ventured out for the gay pride parade. It was going down the street next to our hotel so we didn’t have far to go to check out the action.

eenan score lots of swag while hooting away.

Dykes on Bikes

I was trying to get a picture of the Governor but I got  a crotch shot of him instead.  Is that gay?



All us Mr. Fidds had a good time there. I guess we’re all a little gay. It was quite a display but also surprising how many people, businesses and groups participated. There was the Governor of Illinois, Congressmen, Lawyers, Police, Teachers, Churches, Schools, Sheriffs, Car Dealers, Bankers, and more and more. Lots of regular people, but also there was a lot of costumes, dances, and music going on. It was an awesome show of solidarity. We couldn’t stay for the entire thing since the heat was starting to get to us.

After that, we needed a break so we chillaxed for a while.   Keenan couldn’t relax though, cause he managed to lock his Ipad in the room safe and forgot the pin code he used to lock it.   I let him try out his safe picking skills for a while before calling the hotel staff to unlock it.   He was kinda stressed out about it, but we’re laughing about it now.

Next outing was Chicago Deep Dish Pizza. I was told that I had to have some. I managed to find one of the best pizza places in town called Pequod’s Pizza.  Yup, it was awesome.




This one is for Wash and the Prince Street Posse.



After being stuffed, we made it over to Kingston Mines for some blues. It was open mike night, so there was a lot of variety at the beginning of the evening. Then the main band came on which was the Lionel Alexander Band. Pretty smooth old guy. He was hitting on all the ladies in the club. Me and Keenan retired early and Ennis is still out on the town.

ld men still got good moves.

ey Angie, I though you would like the guitarist in the background.


4 thoughts on “Thunda Beh to Chicaaaago!”

  1. Thanks for the updates. Keenan looks like he’s enjoying it; have an awesome time Keenan! <3 Safe travels to you's. :)

  2. Punny…haven’t stopped saying “Chicaaaaagooo” with my nose plugged from the top since you guys left. Love the Lion…he is my new wallpaper! Can’t stop laughing at the goat though…koopatch goat. Thanks for the laughs lol that’s what I miss the most when you and Keenan are gone. Safe travels babe.

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